Larger image is created using two portraits of employees at work. In the left image, dynamic lighting behind and around a power plant employee helps the subject stand out from his interesting background.
To focus attention on the employee while emphasizing his trade through visual details of the machines and manufacturing operations surrounding him, we created a six-light set and on-location studio. Two strobes - both lighting the furnace - are gelled to create a warm yellow glow instead of dark, cold factory look.

Two more strobes light the worker from behind, creating a dynamic separation from the dark background. The main light, created from a three-foot-wide Octabox, illuminates the worker. A final strobe light, positioned low and below the Octabox, helps to highlight the worker's legs.  his is important, since the clothing he wears reinforces the overall story.  

In the right image, the glow of gelled lighting placed inside the mouth of giant Pinch Point jaws helps illustrate the work performed by this manufacturing employee.
Buildling corporate brands with employee portraits

Innovative lighting techniques let viewers simultaneously see the faces of workers and the environments in which they work. This photographic strategy reinforces a company's brand by showing employees at work are confident, experienced, and knowledgeable.  

On-location environmental portrait photography in dark plants and factories requires special skill and strategic lighting. The use of color gels adds visual interest and reinforces area within photos.  

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